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What SEO Based Hosting Did for My Company
Theres an old saying which suggests that if one builds it, people will come. The it in question should be anything as long as its high quality. However, this claim was made in a similar time. I don’t intend this to become self promotion, but I found myself in what seemed like a great position. I had created something that offered people significant benefit, and which stood head and shoulders above competing products. And yet it just wasn’t selling. I wasn’t expecting overnight success. But I was at least expecting the world to take notice. The only thing being noticed was an increasing amount of sorrow as I looked at the eternally small amount of orders.

That’s when I started to really wonder why I wasn’t being noticed. I tried to put myself in the shoes of the average person I was trying to market to. And in doing so, I tossed a few phrases into the major search engines. That’s when the underlying issue really became apparent. No wonder I wasn’t getting any real notice. Nobody’s going to get noticed when they’re stuck on the third or fourth page of search results within a particular field.

At this point I did something which to me felt a bit daring. I admitted that I really didnt know much about the Internet and that I needed to change that fact. I started to really look into how pages get noticed, and why some are stuck lower down in the search results. What I found was a real eye opener. It turns out that there’s something out there called search engine optimization. The second I heard the term, a lot of things fell into place. Id heard the term SEO tossed around a lot, but hadn’t ever heard what it stood for. It turns out that search engine optimization is exactly what it sounds like. It optimizes a site for search engine rankings. Basically, it was a big component of why I wasn’t ranked higher on the search engines.

It didnt end there though. Learning that SEO practices exist was only the tip of the iceberg. I also learned about something called a SEO host. This, in turn, led me on a search to find the best seo hosting. Heres what I eventually discovered about the process.

Keyword-DensityFirst, not all hosting is created equal. I was using a standard Web hosting company. If lack of SEO was my biggest mistake, this was pretty close. Even the best SEO practices are limited by the tools. Its a bit like trying to use crayon to create a photorealistic painting. One can get close to the goal, but the tools are going to be a limiting factor. SEO based hosting is more like walking into a room and seeing all the best art supplies laid out in front of one, along with all the greatest masters of the past ready to offer their help and advice.

Because SEO based hosting isnt just a hosting practice. It provides a huge range of tools to automate a lot of the elements of search engine optimization. Instead of needed to spend additional weeks or even months learning how to work with code on a lower level, I could quite literally just push a few buttons on a control panel. Even better, the servers themselves were set up to look good to search engines. Even the way the servers identify themselves were centered on looking appealing to search engines. When something is on a great SEO based hosting service, the search engines pay extra attention. When the tools the hosting company provide are used, theres not even any question. I quickly found myself getting to the front page of the major search engines after I made the switch to this SEO host. And the resulting sales have been everything I could hope for.